Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shabbat Shalom!

After a lunch spent in the aromatic and busy shuk, we hopped on the bus and drove to Modi'in.  The bus rides on this trip are always a mix of people sleeping and cracking jokes.  Once we reached our destination, the Yozma synagogue, we found out which Yozma teens' houses we would be staying at.  We then went to their houses to drop off our bags and have some down time with them before having to return to the synagogue for services.  Experiencing a service in a different country, with a different rabbi, and in a different language was certainly an interesting endeavour.  And although some of us tried to sing along to the songs, of which the lyrics we all know, the tunes were different, making the service one in which we relied mostly on our ears.   

After the service we had dinner at our respective houses.  During this time we got to know the people we were staying with better and we were exposed to a different culture.   I'm not sure about other people, but in the house that I stayed at we discussed politics, the differences in Canadian and Israeli culture, and of course, we played taki.  We all spent the rest of the evening  at Noam's house, one of the teens from Yozma.  We jumped on his trampoline, listened to music, ate food, and just talked.  It was a great way to get to know people, and I would say that we all made some great friends this week.  

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