Saturday, March 21, 2015

All about Thursday

We woke up on this lovely Thursday morning, nice and early. After breakfast we hopped on the bus and headed to Genesis Land located in the hills of Judea. We briefly spoke to Eiliezer while awaiting our "taxis" who were taking us down to Abraham's tent. It turns out our taxis were Camels! So everyone got onto the camels in pairs and started our journey. Once we arrived at our destination, we were kindly welcomed into Abraham's tent. We were served dried fruits along with water, coffee and tea. Afterwards, we headed back up the mountain on the camels, and headed to our next destination, Masada! 

When we arrived at Masada we took the cable car up to the top, and made our way around the top of Masada to hear about it's history. Afterwards, we climbed back down! What an incredible experience!! We then had lunch, got back into the bus, and made our way to the Dead Sea! 

Once we got there and changed into our appropriate Dead Sea attire, we went down to the shore and covered everything with mud! From our toes to our hair, everyone got down and dirty in the beautiful and natural exfoliating mud. We took a bunch of photos along the way. We then went into the sea, and we were floating around, enjoying the company of our lovely Temple Sinai friends. After we had all dried off and cleaned ourselves up from the mud, we headed to Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem. We are all looking forward to what the next few days will hold for us! 

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