Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Friday Morning

The weight of yad vashem is hard to describe; everyone experiences it differently. Some of us felt moved and motivated to do greatness while others felt grief. Me? Among other things, I was mainly hungry. After the countless images of starvation that our wonderful tour educator, Jeremy so vividly painted in our minds, I felt ashamed. Only when we walked out of the "memory of the jewish journey" (holocaust memorial museum) to go get lunch did I start hearing everyone admitting that they too were famished. The shwarma that I ate tasted better that lunch at the shuk (market) because it was then that I realized tasting a delicious shwarma as a Canadian tourist in the free land of Israel was what being a Jew at Temple Sinai was all about. What I'm trying to say if I'm saying anything is that after our final stop at the "museum" I didn't feel grief, sadness, Israeli pride, or hope, but the lesson or feeling that I most took away from this morning was that of gratefulness. 

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