Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From the South to the North to the South


After a good sleep and nutritious breakfast, we headed out for a long bus ride towards the North of Israel. Looking into Jordan most of the way, passing by the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea, we finally made it to the Kineret Cemetery. Many people who shaped how Israel is today were buried there. From the cemetery, we continued to Tiberius. We ate delicious schwarma and falafel and then visited the grave of Ram Bam. The group travelled by bus to the high altitude city of Tzfat. We proceeded to climbing over a construction sight and then made our way to a couple of orthodox synagogues. Full of excitement, we headed off to Metula. We played ball hockey and went ice skating with Israelis from various religions (I.e. Druze, Jews, Muslims, Christians). We can't wait for the rest of the trip!


At 6:00 a.m. we woke up in a kibbutz in the north of Israel with one of the best breakfasts we've had the entire trip. We then hopped right on the bus for a three hour drive; or should I say a three hour nap. On the bus ride we slept, played bus games and after a long, long drive we finally arrived at our first stop. The first stop was an archeological dig site where Jews lived over two thousands years ago. After an interesting story, we finally understood how so many artifacts were preserved after such a long time. We proceeded to dig and dig and dig and dig some more. Apparently, this site is the most abundant dig site in all of Israel; with these odds it's no wonder we all found a series of broken vases, plates and even some animal bones. It was incredible to think that we would be the first people touching these artifacts in over  2000 years (WOW!). In the afternoon we reunited ourselves with the Yozma teens (the Israeli teens we met a few days earlier). We got to know them so much better and it was such an incredible afternoon filled with leadership activities; we even got to herd sheep and goats. The sheep were so cuddly, soft and really needed to be sheered. Today truly was an incredible day!

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