Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yuval's Post-trip Blog

I had the honor and the great opportunity to join the Temple Sinai mission to Israel as the shinshinit. For me, it was such a great opportunity that not every shinshin gets to have; join a group of kids which we've been throw this year together talking about Israel and escort their own personal experience of Israel made me very excited to go to the trip. 
The trip was absolutely amazing. I thought it was made well. The trip was interesting, enjoyable and so meaningful. Even for me, as an Israeli, the sights and the explanations were fascinating. I could really identify with the excitement of going to the kotel for the first time, riding a camel and the felling of Israel as home. I can really see the importance of sending kids to explore and get to know Israel. I understand how unique it is for Temple Sinai and I'm so appreciative for that and grateful to be a part of this place. The connections that were created on the trip were very valuable to me it was a real pleasure to get to know the kids deeply and to know that I was a part for their journey.
Thank you Temple Sinai for an amazing, meaningful, unforgettable experience!    

יובל ליפשיץ
Yuval Lifshitz

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