Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Morning in the Old City

This morning we started off with an early start with the help of our jet lagged body-clocks. We then embarked to the western wall where we visited the archeological centre and discussed the history of the area with our tour educator, Jeremy. After some reflection on our 'gifts' we can offer to the world, we wrote our own wishes and/or prayers to put into the wall. This was the first time at The Wall for a lot of us, making it a very special experience. At the wall we inserted our wishes and had a moment to feel the wall and have a moment of thought. We had a tour in the tunnels under the old city and the exposed lower part of the wall and then headed for lunch in the old city where we enjoyed some nice schwarma. Jerusalem and its history is incredibly interesting and it is mind blowing to think that where we stood were visited by Jesus, Muhammad, the Romans, Sultans, Abraham, and many more. 
-Miles Hoaken

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